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protestberv från Bimarz sekertaria om sirvan


To the Swedish Immigration Authority

In support of Mr Mohammad Sirvan Forotan, Case Number: 10859037, currently detained at Flen detention centre


 We have learned, with regret, that the Swedish Immigration Authorities, with exemplary record of offering sanctuary to people fleeing from persecution, has decided to extradite a political activist and a freedom fighter associated with a Kurdish political Party engaged in armed struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr Forotan was a member of the Komola Pishmerga (militia) forces and he will face certain imprisonment, torture and most probably death. We have no doubt that your government is fully aware of the extent of the executions in Iran, including execution of political prisoners.


Our organisation is very concerned and mindful of the dangers facing people in Mr Forotan’s position. We therefore call on you to:


  1. Immediately annual Mr Forotan’s deportation order;
  2. Deal with his asylum application according to 1951 Geneva Convention


The consequence of not complying with the above internationally recognised rights will remain with the Swedish government.


Looking forward to a positive response to this request.




Respectfully yours



Said Arman

Director – International Organisation of Iranian Refugees

April 30, 2011