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Asylstrejk i Grekland

Protest brev till Grekiska Ambassaden



Embassy of Greece             28th 2010




Re: Mistreatment of Iranian refugees in Athens


 Dear Ambassador


We have received, with great dismay, the news of the arrest of a group of Iranian refugees while protesting in front of the offices of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Athens. A number of these protestors were on hunger strike and suffering from poor health and physical condition.


We have learnt that the Greek security officers in an attempt to humiliate the protesting asylum seekers have paraded them before the Iranian embassy while apprehended and handcuffed. Such actions and treatment of individuals at the hands of the Greek police and the officials of your interior ministry are contrary to all international diplomatic norms and protocols.


We hereby express our strongest protestation at the treatment of the Iranian asylum seekers by the Greek authorise and request an explanation.  The Iranian asylum seekers had simply tried to highlight their plight and protest against their mistreatment by the UNHCR and against the Greek Government’s Asylum policy.


These asylum seekers have been forced to flee for the fear of torture, imprisonment and stoning and it is their unassailable right to seek protection.


We expressing our concern at the mistreatment of a group of Iranian asylum seekers in Greece, we wish to remind you that 58 days has lapsed since the start of the sit-in of the Iranian asylum seekers. Following the continued lack of response on the part of the Greek officials, 10 asylum seekers have staged a hunger strike for the last 6 days. More than six of these hunger strikers have decided to saw their lips to highlight their desperate plights.


The Greek officials’ lack of willingness to meet its obligation towards the asylum seekers under the 1951 United Nations Convention on refugees is a blatant breach of its responsibilities and could only be interpreted as collusion with the Iranian government.


Some the protesting Iranian refugees have been stranded in Greece for over ten years. This is a very inhumane and despicable development. We call on the Greek government to act promptly and end this unbearable condition and grant them asylum.


The prolongation of such a situation is tantamount to inflicting mental, psychological and physical torture on these refugees. The International Organisation of Iranian Refugees is committed to take the case of these refugees to the European Court of Justice should the Greek government refuse to meet its obligations.


We are looking forward to speedy resolution of this situation.


Respectfully yours,


Rasol Benavand

Director of: International Organisation of Iranian Refugees – Sweden



Cc: Amnesty International

       UNCHR, Geneva